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Viv Johnson - 14 July at 18:56


What a gig at The live stage show we have seen anywhere, emotional and fabulous. So pleased you continue to return to The Wharf, we travel up from Cornwall every time. New band sensational musicians.

Jacqueline Jarvis - 25 August 12:33


Hi jonny we saw your show at the Queens theatre Hornchurch last night sorry to say but never seen you before but what a brilliant evening you now have four more fans,I was still sing the songs while at work this morning.Thankyou for great time we look forward to seeing you again in the future.


Tavistock Wharf Review in full.

The Total Who Show - Radio review from
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 Radio review from Ridge Radio.



Ref: Mr Kyps, Poole.


Diane McElreavey.  Brilliant night!!


Gillian Wray. Great show.  I will be back with Lois and Ray to another gig soon. Can't wait! (A courtly kiss on the hand makes it all better, lol!!!!)





Ref: Mr Kyps, Poole.


Chris Ratman Onions. "Excellent night, well done guys".



Boom Boom Club


Mike Rooney. Great gig...great band!!



Ref: Mr Kyps, Poole  


David Ozanne. Just got home from a great show. Proper talented professionals who totally captured the spirit of the Who and gave us all a great night out at Mr Kyps. Many thanks Johnny and the band. Hope you come again to Poole!




Ref: Four BIlls & a Ben - Soul Show


Dave Rook; The best money you will spend for a gig; johnny's brilliant vocals with a superb band, it don't get much better than this;many thanks!



Ref: Four Bills & a Ben


Nigel Poulter: A fabulous gig. Band were excellent. An evening of FUN. Thank you Johnny, Steve, and the rest of the guys. Seasons greetings. Nx



Boom Boom Club 


Linda Gill: FEE-NOM-INAL night and band,what more can i say lovely to meet you all. Lou you are so talented and a ;lovely person "Who are you " still does it for me showcases all your musical talents ,shame it had to end, musically it does not get any better than this ,you just cant' have enough of a good thing,Love to ya guys ,XXXX 



Boom Boom Club 


David Rerevey:  Brilliant night guys, truely Inspiring!





We had an awesome night at Mr Kyps Live Music Venue last night watching The Total Who show. I hope this band get to play at Kyps again because there were a lot of people who missed out last night due to lots happening locally plus a certain little festival not too far away! Anyone that loves the Who would love this band who gave it everything and lovely guys too. As always the sound and lighting was superb and last night in the safe hands of Chris Young. Definitely one to catch next time!

Julie Rhatigan:



Great show with so much talent. Don't miss it!

Andrew Grigson



Thanks for an amazing night guys f a b . absolute mind blowing back to back hits


Diane Easterbrook:


I danced my socks off at the back of the Elgiva Theatre! Fab show! Thanks! X

Hello to you all

Through the door of the Pavilion to book...err Bats out of Hell and Spiders from Mars..........saw the Total Who poster and booked that too and there followed two hours of Total Pleasure! 

You and the band delivered the music in such a personal way to the audience and your enthusiasm and enjoyment was so infectious it enhanced the whole experience..........and the intensity and atmosphere created in the second half was electric.  Each time I thought it had peaked, another gear was engaged. There were no flats spots but a steady build up throughout the performance of emotion, excitement, display of talent, and giving which showed no sign of having any limit.

Thank you all for a wonderful evening and experience. I am uplifted and still feel as I did when I walked out of the theatre - so you leave a lasting legacy and I am looking for your next......Lyme Regis I think!

Best everythings to you all.

Janice Murray

Paul Green

24 May at 00:30


Where do I start? 
Musically bang on ✔
Vocally bang on✔
Set list bang on✔
11 quid to be in music heaven for 2 hrs ✔
What great musician's you truely are, to say you done The Who classics justice is an understatement ☺
These guys defiantly worth travelling to see/hear ☺ 
Thanks for making a Monday nite cool ☺



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